Psychotherapist, Coach, AUTHOR and Reiki Master.

Lainey is a green witch living in the Irish countryside where she grows vegetables and takes care of 60+ rescue animals with her husband.

She is a keen crafter, enjoying crocheting and creating decorative items from repurposed and recycled materials.

Join me for my

book launch

I’m so excited to launch my book, Recipes for Autumn ​Souls, Vegan Comfort Food.

1st August 2024



Register by scanning the QR code

We will look at the book and explore my favourite ​recipes. There will be spot prizes available and I may ​have one or two cute animals with me.

I hope you can join me.


The Spooky Witch Journal and Recipes for Autumn Souls cookbook are printed through a sustainable reading programme (in partnership with Ecologi) meaning they have a low envrionmental impact.

A tree is planted for each book sold, so you can feel good knowing that your purchase helps contribute to reforestation efforts worldwide.

The Spooky Witch cards are printed on demand on high-quality cardstock from responsibly managed forests. The paper is FSC certified, ISO 14001 compliant and EU Ecolabel certified, ensuring that the entire production process minimizes environmental impact.

Cards are unpackaged and tied with twine.

With The Spooky Witch, you can embrace your inner magic and contribute to a more sustainable future.

sustainable development worldwide

recipes for autumn souls

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Welcome to a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant colours, rich flavours, and nourishing essence of autumn.

You'll find a collection of simple mouth-watering recipes that are kind to the environment, embrace the harvest of the season and are free from animal harm.

Whether you're a seasoned plant-based food enthusiast or just beginning your journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate way of eating, Recipes for Autumn Souls offers something for everyone. Each recipe is carefully crafted to delight your taste buds, inspire your creativity, and nourish your body and soul.

For those who find comfort in the magic of crisp leaves and seasonal delights, this book will bring a little bit of wonder and beauty to your food to satisfy your autumnal soul.

The recipes in this book are created with love.

the spooky witch journal

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Embrace your inner witch and heal your mind and spirit with this magical journal.

Decorated with spooky witchy themes, this journal is designed to help you track your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and feelings.

Each section is thoughtfully designed with dedicated space for journaling, magical worksheets to track spells and rituals, and more.

Use this journal to gain insight into your inner self, explore your spiritual journey, and find a sense of calm and peace.

Designed with grá (love), this journal is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to heal and connect with their inner magic. Order yours today and begin your journey towards healing and transformation.

the spooky witch recipe cards

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Get ready to cook up some magic with The Spooky Witch recipe cards!

This enchanting set features spooky-themed recipe cards, perfect for those with a love for the mystical and macabre. Whether you're a seasoned kitchen witch or just starting out, our recipe cards are the perfect tool to help you unleash your inner magic and charm your taste buds.

Each card is beautifully designed with witchy illustrations, making it a great addition to your kitchen or perfect as a gift for the witch in your life.

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the spooky witch wisdom deck

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Unleash your inner magic and tap into the wisdom of the witches!

Our Spooky Witch Wisdom Cards are the perfect tool for anyone who loves all things witchy. Each card is beautifully designed with enchanting illustrations and features a mix of affirmations and witchy tips.

Use these cards to connect with the power of the witch. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, The Spooky Witch Wisdom Cards are a must-have for anyone seeking to embrace their inner magic.

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